Top Spago Beverly Hills

Top Spago Beverly Hills

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 Spago…where do I begin?

This is the flagship of the Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group. Austrian Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck’s Mom was a Chef and she encouraged him to learn in her kitchen. He had formal training in France before moving to the US. Chef Puck believes in simple home comfort food, and he is also a pioneer in European/American/Asian/Japanese fusion cuisine. Twenty-five years later, Chef Puck has created a multi-million dollar empire with co-founders and managing partners.

This is a fantastic spot for lunch and dinner. I particularly love the patio garden where you can eat all year long. I also like the large comfortable booths inside, and the fact that I can watch the people working in the kitchen from my table is very exciting to me.

My favorites are the Veal “Wiener Schnitzel” and the tasty and unexpected Salmon Pizza topped with Caviar. Of course, you can’t go wrong with any dish you select there. Everything is perfectly prepared, and so I wonder about how all of this all happened.

The original Spago was located in West Hollywood before it was relocated to Beverly Hills a few years later. The furniture and interior design has been carefully put together by co-founder Barbara Lazaroff. For private parties and events, there are two private dining rooms available.
Spago Beverly Hills Top Spago Beverly Hills Spago Restaurant Spago Beverly Hills Spago

Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group

The Group manages daily operations of high ends restaurants like CUT in Beverly Hills, WP24 in Downtown LA , Chinois in Santa Monica, Red | Seven in West Hollywood, The Bel-Air Hotel’s Restaurant, Jai in La Jolla in San Diego. Outside of California, they manage restaurants in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Atlantic City, Detroit, D.C., Dallas and Colorado. Recently, they opened two exciting fine dining restaurants outside the US, in Singapore and London.

Wolfgang Puck Worldwide Group

They promote Wolfgang’s brand with bistros, cafes and cultural restaurant franchise opportunities around the world. They offer kitchen store cookware, cutleries, wine tools, wine labels, cookbooks, cooking appliances, frozen pizzas, organic soups, stocks and broths, Italian sauces, frozen pizzas, cold iced organic coffee drinks and many other branded products.

Wolfgang Puck Catering Group

This Chef has seduced Hollywood. Wolfgang is the Official Chef for the Governor’s Ball for over a decade now. He’s visible during the Oscars. You can watch Chef Puck on television shows, movies, series and even animated films!

He organizes private and public events and charities, and caters them. Wolfgang is a Chef that can impact the way people eat, and he supports charities and communities besides his own. He believes in organic ingredients, humanely treated animals and sustainable seafood.

Despite all of his success, Chef Wolfgang Puck is a very social and down-to-earth person. He’ll say hello and chat with anyone. So say ‘Hi’ if you see him. Restaurant Reviews Los Angeles: Spago Beverly-Hills :…

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Top Spago Beverly Hills


Best Restaurants in LA

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Best Restaurants in LA

Where to Eat in LA

Restaurants Los Angeles,

restaurants LA,

Los Angeles,

best restaurants LA,


Top Spago Beverly Hills

Best Restaurants in LA

Where to Eat in LA

Top Spago Beverly Hills

Spago Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills Top Spago

Beverly Hills Spago Top

Hills Beverly Spago

Hills Spago Beverly

Hills Spago Top Beverly

Best Restaurants in LA

Where to Eat in LA


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